free yourself, from choice.


The Ideal Black T-Shirt

Developed by a team of Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and Highschool Engineering dropouts- Misanthropy's proprietary black t-shirt technology is here to revolutionize D2C lifestyle brands forever.


Clinical trials showed that wearing Misanthropy gave individuals violent flashbacks to their time in the womb.

All-Weather Durable

The days of winter coats are over: patented directed acyclic graphs allow for only a 2-degree swing in internal body temperature.

Carbon Negative

Extraterrestrial graphene-based polymers remove CO2 from adjacent air molecules. Misanthropy prevents climate change.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay


A Single Black T-Shirt

to rent

$49.13/ mo
$15k/ year
  • Change the world
  • Signal social relevance
  • It’s a lifestyle brand
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